American Gods WTF??


So i read this book a while a go, i found it very hard going but i persevered to see if the ending explained what the hell had actually happened!!

I stil couldn’t tell you now other than it was very surreal and very odd!!

So i have just taken myself off to bed to keep the kitten company as he still refuses to come downstairs with the birdie and the dog Jack, and just spotted they have made a tv show from the book, wasn’t sure  how they would accomplish this from what i read in the book so i thought “What the hell, give it ago!!”

And yeap, its pretty fucked up so far and its only been on 20 minutes lol. Not sure i will be making it to episode 2 but you never know, a lot can change in half an hour!!

Maybe if you have read the books, i know there is a sequel but i just didn’t have it in me to punish myself with another book that had me confused right from the start! Maybe someone could explain to me what i am missing! Am i just having a blonde or senile moment??

Its put the kitten to sleep so at least i can move without getting pounced on for now! Every cloud has a silver lining so they say!!

I have failed to even read a few pages today, I’ve either been playing kennel maid to the menagerie going on here, playing taxi to the kids or asleep! I even fell asleep when i had the engineer here fitting the smart meter!

I wish there was some consistency to my sleep patterns, it’s either hours and hours of sleep or 3 days with no sleep, not even a nap!

Im not sure what Birdies verdict is of this American Gods but i think she will be with me on this 1 😉

I was just about to shut this down and turn out the light for the night so the kitten has just done something extremely hideous in his litter tray! Thank god it was in the box but still i need a mask and gloves for that bad boy hahahaha.

Well i hope you have all had a good day,

Night night

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