DeathDay by Shaun Hutson Reviewed by Birdie!

Shaun Hutson


So i first read this book when i was 13 and had it confiscated by the music teacher!! Wasn’t suitable reading for teenagers apparently!

I do remember it being a bit gory and a few sex scenes. I’m sure the best line in the book is “He impaled her on his rampant member” or something like that. It amused me as a teen so when i saw this book in a charity shop i didn’t hesitate, i purchased straight away.

It isn’t as gory or as pornographic as i remembered but it still made me smile and i really did enjoy it. It’s never going to be classed as a modern classic but it is easy to read, its got a bit of everything, murder, gore, sex, romance and the living dead πŸ˜‰

I was quite happy sat in bed with 1 of the cats Tim and Birdie sharing a good cup of tea reading this book when all of a sudden the bird went completely crazy! Wings out, tail feathers fanned out, screaming in sheer terror. Took me awhile to work out what had upset her so much but it was the photo of Shaun Hutson on the back cover!

She is absolutely terrified of him! Not sure if it was the big 80’s hair or the sunglasses but she was happy and content as long as she didn’t get a glimpse of the rear cover!!

Sorry Shaun, not sure what she would make of a recent photo but i think i should find out πŸ™‚

Very strange bird bless her but i wouldn’t have her any other way!

So my advice, if you are bored and at a loose end, give the book a read and if your parrot freaks out at it please let me know

Have a good night

Debs and Birdie

This book can be purchased at

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