The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan “UPDATE”!



I have just finished this book and i am really really impressed with how the book played out.
It is a massively over used statement but! You really should read this book!
If you are fans of Chelsea Cain, Karin Slaughter or M. J. Arlidge, you will love this.
It is an amazing debut novel and Phoebe Morgan is going to be an author to look out for, she will definitely be on mine.
When i wrote the initial review i was only 28% the way through and if my ME wasn’t playing up i would have completed the book much much faster.
It continued all the way through with twists and turns, some plot twists you might see coming but there are many more you won’t!
It’s nice to be surprised by a book these days and not to have it worked out how it will end completely without having to read the end!
I will be recommending this book to anyone that ill listen and i wouldn’t hesitate buying this book for a present for friends and family 😉
Congratulations Phoebe on a brilliant debut, i hope the wait until your next release isn’t going to be too long!!


I have been a bit slack on the book reviews thanks to my M.E but I am still trying!

My ME has decided to flare up so I have either been asleep or topped up on morphine

I honestly wouldn’t wish this on anyone, just when I thought I had a handle on it, thought I was on the up with it, it decides to remind me it still has control over my life!!

I am currently reading  and I’m 28% the way into now.

So far it’s a really good book. Very atmospheric and as things are picking up in the book it’s starting to get more suspenseful with plot twists added in.

I can’t wait to unravel the plot, I just need to stay awake long enough and have the brain fog to clear so I can keep up with the new twists and turns!

The story so far is about 2 sisters and their partners and the grief of losing their dad who was a world-renowned architect. He hand-made a big dolls house to a replica of their own house for the girls which they treasured all through childhood.

Now grown up and having moved the sisters haven’t seen or thought about that doll’s house for years, that is until a piece of the house turns up on 1 of the sisters doorstep.

Who is leaving parts of the house? Where is the doll’s house and who has it?

That has yet to be discovered and I can’t wait, it has defiantly got me intrigued!

I fell asleep on the sofa reading earlier and Birdie has had a bit of a chew on the corner of my new kindle  Only cosmetic damage that god! Some how she managed to take all my earrings and nose ring out without waking me up!! Maybe she has a bit of Magpie in her DNA!

If money gets tight I will have to take her into some jewelery shops lol.

The kitten Wladimir ( named after Wladimir Klitschko! ) is getting a bit to brave, as you can see he ended up shutting himself in Birdies cage!

I was worried about the dog with the kitten but other than following him everywhere we’ve had no problems of that front yet! My dog is a huge Alaskan Malamute so compared to a 10 week old kitten he looks like a giant!! It is a mad house here!!

I am sure the animals know when I am suffering and not feeling great, all 3 cars plus the kitten are in bed with me tonight! Thank god I have a superking size bed or there would be no room for me!

That statement instantly let’s you know I am single!!! I’m heading into the crazy cat lady category if I’m not there already

I will do a full book review on The Doll House when I finish it and going on what I’ve read so far it’s just getting better and better!

Thanks for bearing with me.

Have a good weekend from me and Birdie and now Jack the dog and Wladimir xx

This book will be released on 14th September 2017 in the UK and can be preordered from

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