Reported Missing by Sarah Wray


Four months ago our protagonist Rebecca Pendle’s husband Chris went missing. She thought they were happily married and there was no signs that there was anything wrong so his disappearance is a massive shock turning her life upside down.
On the very same day 14-year-old Kayleigh Jackson also goes missing. She had gone to meet up with her friends but she never made it there.
Is it just a coincidence or are they both connected in some way?
A search was made looking for the missing teenager and only Bec is actively looking for her husband.
As the search goes on with no signs of Kayleigh the 2 disappearances appear to be connected but no solid evidence to confirm it.
As with any small town rumours are ripe, there is the accusation that Chris is a paedophile, that there was child pornography found on his computer, that Chris used to spend a lot of time with Kayleigh and consequently he has either killed her or he has her captive somewhere. Or maybe they have run off together?
The story is told from Bec’s point of view and her life since her husband disappeared.
She has been living in a caravan for four months and is shunned by almost everyone as they hold Chris responsible for Kayleigh’s disappearance.
It is only Bec that doesn’t believe there is any truth in the rumours but as she starts her own investigation into what happened that day four months ago she discovers her husband has been keeping secrets.
She discovers that Chris had lost his job which comes as a massive shock to her because he had still kept up the appearance of going to work, taking his packed lunch she makes for him every morning and she was waving him off to work as normal.
How could she not know? Why had he not told her and where had he been going everyday?
If he could hide that from her what else didn’t she know about her husband?
As she continues to search for answers strange things start to happen. She starts getting strange phone calls, things have been moved in her house and even things have started to go missing from her mum’s room in the care home.
This book is quite a slow burner and I did find it a struggle at times to carry on reading it, even though the book is really well written it failed to grab and hold my attention unfortunately. But i had to finish the book as i needed to know how it ended, sheer curiosity kept me going to the end!
It was just to slow for me but this is a book that you need to read for yourselves and make up your own mind as we are all different, some books fit different people in different ways.
This book is a bit like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it!! 🙂

This book can be purchased now from

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