The Accident by Dawn Goodwin


Veronica Pullman is in need of some help. Help she knows she needs but help she can’t bring herself to ask for.
Her life fell apart the day her daughter died, her daughter Grace tragically died in a car accident and life for the Pullmans has never been and never will be the same again.
Veronica can’t come to terms with the fact her daughter has gone, she can’t believe and won’t believe the truth, she won’t even stand for anyone even saying it out loud – Grace is dead!
She has completely isolated herself from everything and everyone, even her marriage and husband Tom.
She very rarely leaves the house and when she does she just goes to her daughters school to stand for a moment imaging what it would have been like with Grace.
The other mothers know Veronica and of her loss but they have long since given up trying to talk to her so they just let her be and she’s only there for a few minutes anyway.
On a day like any other day, Veronica starts her pilgrimage to her daughters school but unlike every other day, today she meets Scarlet.
For some reason being with Scarlet makes her feel slightly better and she can open up and talk to her, something she hasn’t done with anyone else since Grace so the two women soon become best friends.
To begin with Tom is relieved to see some of his wife re-emerge after being so closed off from the world.
All Scarlet wants is to help, to help Veronica have a life again, have some fun and laugh again. Tom can’t remember the last time he heard his wife laugh!
But then things start to spiral out of control. Scarlet isn’t necessarily a good influence or the right person to help Veronica. Drinking through the day, going out partying for nights on end, drinking and dancing with god knows who and then the shoplifting! Why shoplift when you don’t need too? And the anger that is bubbling in Veronica, anger she can’t contain lashing out at everything and everyone.
Then odd things start to happen, a picture of Grace appears out of nowhere, parcels arrive containing items for Grace’s birthday, things neither Veronica or Tom has ordered.
Toms concern for his wife grows as more things happen, Is his wife doing all these things without being aware of it, in some sort of fugue state?
Or is someone deliberately messing with Veronica’s already delicate state of mind?
Is Scarlet really a friend or is she something a lot more sinister?
With twists and turns that at times are blindingly obvious and some more subtle, the book does end on a surprise.
So for anyone that likes psychological thrillers this is a book you need to put on your “To Read” list

This book will be published on 1st October 2017 and can be pre ordered from

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