The Blackbird Season by Kate Moretti


This is definitely a book you will remember!
It had me racing to the end, forming my own opinions on who and what to believe and to finally get the the last piece of the puzzle and the answers to what actually did happen.
It definitely stands out from other books in this genre, the plot is quite unique, a bit slow in places but seeing it through the different characters roles was very well thought out and sucks you into their lives!
It is a “Did he or didn’t he?” and you can’t help but finding yourself choosing sides! It made me think like one of them, what really is the truth??
What happened when the birds fell from the sky?
The story focuses around Alicia, Nate, Lucia, and Bridget and it is these people that you instantly get a feel for each of them as you would like they were your new neighbours!
Lucia is a troubled teenager that gets branded as a witch by the clique at school, but there is more going on in the school than anyone realises until it is to late.
High schools can be a treacherous places and kids can be so cruel, everyone will be able to relate to that in one way or another.
Nate, one of the teacher at the school is accused of having an affair with student Lucia and from there lives are changed forever.
As with any small town, and if you live in one yourself you will defiantly understand, everyone has their own opinion.
Nothing much ever happens in the small town of Mount Oanoke so this is a massive scandal and gossip is ripe..
But are the rumours true?
Do you believe Nate or Lucia?
Then things go from bad to worse, Lucia has gone missing so now the story turns to not just Did Nate have an affair with this troubled teenager, but has he done something far worse to her?
I honestly didn’t know who to believe, sometimes there is some truth in rumours, but which ones?
I have finished the book so i can now go to bed satisfied but still a bit of doubt.
You will have to finish the book and decide for yourselves!
I definitely recommend this book, i know that is a huge cliche but it is an honest one.
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

The book will be released tomorrow the 26th September 2017 in the UK and can be preordered from

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