Kind Nepenthe by Matthew V. Brockmeyer


I am always keeping an eye out for good horror stories, normally i am left a little disappointed in the scare factor and let down by reviews that say how terrifying the book is.

But this book was NOT a let down at all.

I loved it and i could quite happily read it again straight away!

You’ve got meth heads, pot growers, thieves, and plenty of murder all to be had in the atmospheric backdrop of Humbolt County as well as ghosts! but It’s the human horrors that take your breath away!

Rebecca and her daughter Megan are living out in the middle of nowhere with her boyfriend Calendula on a Marijuana grow plantation. If they can make it through this season, they will buy land and make build an organic farm to live off the land. That is the reason they stay, but is it worth it?

The other people in this story are. Drug addicts, women beaters and evil ghosts that continue to cause trouble. Certainly no characters you like no matter how much you read!

This is no feel good story with a happy ending, but a brutal, horror story

A must read for any horror fan 🙂

This book can be purchased now from for just £0.99p

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