More Than Memories by N.E. Henderson


When everything you know about yourself is a lie, how do you even begin to find the truth? Who do you trust when your memories betray you?

I really wish i had read the first book More Than Lies before reading this one even though it can be read as a standalone novel but i would recommend new readers to read More Than Lies first.

I absolutely fell in love with this book right from the start even though it broke my heart in places!

This is 100% a must read and i can’t recommend it highly enough.

Such a difference to my normal reading genre and was a fresh well needed break from the serial killers i had been reading prior to this one!

The story follows Shane Braden and Whitney Lane who were high school sweethearts that suffer a terrible tragedy the night of their high school graduation 10 years ago and were torn from each others lives leaving Whitney with amnesia and Shane believing she was dead.

It then skips to 10yrs later where we start to see the unravelling of events that lead to the eventual rather dramatic end to a story that on the whole is sometimes heartbreaking but satisfying.

Whitney Lane is now a mother of two girls and married to the control freak and unpleasant Blake Lane, she can’t remember anything from her life before the last ten years.

Shane Braden, is now a paediatrics resident who, besides devoting himself to med school, has spent his last ten years trying to numb the pain for having lost Whitney, the love of his life.

Whitney knows deep down that she is missing something, that there was something more, something just out of her reach.
It takes a chance encounter for her to come face to face with Shane that starts to lift the amnesia she has been struggling with.

When she realises she has been manipulated into a false life she will do all that she can to protect her daughters, but will her memories come back so that she can live the life she was supposed to?

The book is filled with unimaginable happiness, soul crushing sadness, betrayal, secrets, deception and second chances and leaves a sense of hope that just maybe you really can find your soul mate!

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