Year One by Nora Roberts


With one drop of blood, the old world is gone for ever. And in its place, something extraordinary begins…

The old world is over, and Year One has begun.

This is the first Nora Roberts book I have read but I think I will defiantly be trying some of her other books now!

This book completely absorbed me and drew me in, I was hooked within the first few pages! I love to read pre-publication but in this case it will be a long time before I can read part 2 and 3 of this trilogy which I want to, need to, read NOW.

This is Nora Roberts first book in the apocalyptic and dystopian genre and she has nailed it! Any lovers of fantasy, dystopian fantasy, or paranormal romance/fantasy romance – read it! There are comparisons to Stephen King’s The Stand and although both books have a very similar plot, the writing styles make them very different books, thankfully!

Year One starts on New Years Eve, with the McLeod family in Scotland, whilst out shooting the men become the first people to contract this new virus, a virus that is extremely contagious. As the McLeod family part to return to their own homes they unknowingly infect everyone that they come into contact with, spreading it to different countries.

Within weeks over 5 billion people are dead.  But there are survivors, people who are immune to the Virus, The Doom. Among these survivors some exhibit mysterious and dangerous new abilities. Those that had minor magic/psychic abilities before The Doom find their gifts vastly increased , while others are now able to shape-shift and become known as the ‘Uncanny’

Across the World as governments collapse, people start to leave the dangers of the Cities and try to find safe havens where like-minded survivors of all types can live together in relative Peace and Hope . The story follows Lana & Max, Jonah, Katie & babies, Rachel, Aryls, Fred and Chuck as they try to rebuild what is left of the world and look to the future, for Hope.

But not all the survivors are looking for peace, there is also Uncanny’s serving a dark purpose as well as bands of people searching for Uncanny’s to extinguish as well as anyone that stands in their way. Or just to kill anyone for their own entertainment.

During this turbulent time a child is born, conceived on New Years eve in love and magic. She must remain hidden and protected , taught magical and survival skills, she MUST survive in order to take up the reins of her per-ordained destiny.

Although Year One chronicles the near-extinction of mankind, the story is one of rebirth and the persistence of hope, rather than despair. The never-ending battle between good and evil and the reliance of the human soul.

Emotionally, this book ran the gamut from joy to relief, to fear and despair, and everything in between. There is a fair amount of tension, with periods of seeming contentment sprinkled in, but these brief periods often felt like the calm before the storm. As quickly as Hope is found, Hope can soon be taken away. 

The story is really well written and the characters are fleshed out enough to make you feel like you know them and care what the future holds for them. It is told from several points of view from the initial stages on through the first year. The story ends as it began, on New years eve with Lana. And the two nights a year apart couldn’t be any more different if they tried. From New York city and a swanky New years eve party to a rural remote farm-house. 

As clichéd as this is – I do honestly recommend this book and it will make a brilliant book for book clubs, it will provide hours worth of topics and emotions to discuss.

This book will be published on 5th December 17 in the UK and can be pre ordered now from Amazon UK or

Now comes the very long wait for Book Two!





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