Three Heart Echo by Keary Taylor



Book Blurb

The demented thing is that this evolved from the most sickly sweet, heart-wrenching love story you’ve ever heard. I went to Sully because I just couldn’t get over Jack’s murder. I couldn’t deal.

Iona came to me the same most did: because there was no closure. A love cut too short. She begged me to open the gate between the living and the dead.

We should have left it shut.

This. This is not a love story. This is a possession story. A story of lies. A story of two faces. This is a story of death and violent echoes from the other side.

And there will be no happy endings.

Welcome to Roselock, where the ground bleeds, and the night screams.

After the senseless murder of her fiancé, Iona Faye can’t move on. There was no happily ever after, and no goodbye. Desperate for closure, she goes to see Roselock’s one and only reclusive inhabitant.

Sully Whitmore has lived a life of seclusion, with one hand on the gate to the other side, and a family curse binding him to the town his ancestors founded. When Iona demands he speak to Jack for her one last time, he knows something is wrong. She paints a picture of love and devotion, but Sully sees something else: a story of possession. A story of lies. A story of two faces.

But it’s too late now. Sully has opened the gate. And he will help Iona find the truth about Jack, if it’s the last thing he does.

My review

“I am the keeper of the dead. The reacher beyond the veil.”

Meet Sully and Iona, a grieving widow, and a gifted medium. The story is told from both their points of view and is set in the mysterious town of Roselock where it’s not safe to go out after dark and strange things happen.

Years ago a curse was placed on the town and Sully is the last surviving inhabitant. He knows he can’t escape the past, the town or his destiny and that his time on earth will soon end.

Following the death of her fiance, Jack, Iona heads to Roselock in search of a resolution to her grief. She seeks out Sully wanting his help as he has the gift, or curse, of being able to speak to the dead. Without Sully’s help, Iona cannot move on with her life so reluctantly he decides to helps her but in doing so he learns that Iona is still connected to her fiancé in more ways than she realized.

Can Sully’s ‘curse’ help Iona overcome her all-encompassing grief, and will he be able to avoid the terrible fate he is destined for?

It starts as a love story, moving on to become an intriguing murder mystery entangled with ghostly communications, a search for the truth, historic events and further tragedy.

The characters are so vividly well written that it is almost like watching a movie and the whole book is full of atmospheric intrigue that is so compelling it’s almost impossible to put the book down!

I’m not sure I would class this as a horror, it for me is more of a psychological, supernatural thriller and as the book description warns, there will be no happy endings, the ending is not what you expect. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out the story takes a completely different turn of events!

I can’t recommend this book highly enough, it is a story that you remember for a very long time.

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