The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton


Catching him will make her career – and change her forever.

August, 1999
On the hottest day of the year, Assistant Commissioner Florence Lovelady attends the funeral of Larry Glassbrook, the convicted murderer she arrested thirty years earlier. A master carpenter and funeral director, Larry imprisoned his victims, alive, in the caskets he made himself. Clay effigies found entombed with their bodies suggested a motive beyond the worst human depravity.

June, 1969
13-year- old Patsy Wood has been missing for two days, the third teenager to disappear in as many months. New to the Lancashire police force and struggling to fit in, WPC Lovelady is sent to investigate an unlikely report from school children claiming to have heard a voice calling for help. A voice from deep within a recent grave.

August, 1999
As she tries to lay her ghosts to rest, Florence is drawn back to the Glassbrooks’ old house, in the shadow of Pendle Hill, where she once lodged with the family. She is chilled by the discovery of another effigy – one bearing a remarkable resemblance to herself. Is the killer still at large? Is Florence once again in terrible danger? Or, this time, could the fate in store be worse than even her darkest imaginings?

My Review

First off – Sharon Bolton, or even your editors by any chance are reading this – Please don’t let this be a stand alone novel!!! My poor brain is screaming at me for more!

What an absolutely genuinely brilliant book! The plot was genius. Having read all her novels to date I knew it would be good but I admit I didn’t anticipate it to be soooo good!

I literally wanted to rush through the entire book as it threw me off in different directions then back again so the anticipation for the conclusion was all-consuming but at the same time I wanted to savour each chapter and drag the book out as long as possible to make it last longer!!

Consumption won out and I would have completed it in 1 sitting if I didn’t have to play taxi to my darling children or feed them!! – How inconsiderate of them to require feeding whilst I’m miles away in the in the shadow’s of Pendle Hill with one of my newly acquainted favourite female detectives, Flossy!

I can safely say even I was slightly unsettled by the parts of the book to the point of dreaming about it which is highly unlike me! The scarier and gruesome the better normal but this book involves one of my biggest phobias, buried alive, and I felt every suffocating, claustrophobic detail and it makes your imagination run riot as to how mind-blowingly horrendous that would truly be. Well it did mine anyway!

But best of all was the added layer to the story – witchcraft! If you are a complete skeptic when it comes to the occult this may just give you pause for thought. I’m not saying there are witches as in the Harry Potter/Roald Dahl witches, more along the lines of the harvesting the power of nature, spiritual and the power of the combined believe kind of witches! The more believable kind that doesn’t turn people into toads!

But even if the occult, witches thing doesn’t appeal to you don’t let that put you off as that  is more of a sub plot threaded through even though it does play its part beautifully. And you can tell a lot of research has gone into the subject of the old-fashioned witch trials and rituals conducted in the past as well as in the present day.

WPC Florence Lovelady is so well written that you cant help but become invested into her life the entire way through, she is for me the standout character of the book but you do meet some really interesting, if slightly eccentric other characters along they way that stand out for their own reasons! The handsomely charming police officer Tom, whom even I thought i might have slightly fallen in love with at one point! – Sorry Roy!! (My other half, bless him!)

I know my review isn’t exactly full of the whole plot to the book but that was my intention! Make you curious enough to go read it for yourselves and not ruin it for anyone as this is a book you must defiantly need to read and discover for yourselves! So I won’t tell you what happens and to whom, I will leave the twists and turns all for yourselves and see if you get thrown off the scent a few times as I was!!!

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this book for review purposes and I am extremely grateful to the Orion Publishing Group, Sharon Bolton, her publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity!

I preordered my copy of this book way back on the 19 Jan 2018 and when the actual hardback copy of the book arrives I will be reading it again 🙂

The Craftsman will be released in the UK on 3rd May 2018 and can be pre ordered now from Amazon UK or 

And I can not express to you enough how much you need to read this book and how wonderfully brilliant it really is!

I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that there will be a follow-up to this book and I hope you will be too!!


    • I though i was going to have to wait as well and then i got the email that my request on NetGalley had been excepted 🙂 I was like a kid at christmas lol.
      It really is her best book yet, it is one of those books you could read all over again as soon as you’ve finished it!
      Let me know what you think of it once you’ve read it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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