The Silenced by Stephen Lloyd Jones



Mallory Grace just killed a man. To survive the next hour, she’ll have to kill again. To survive the night, she’ll need a miracle.

Obadiah Macintosh doesn’t seem like a miracle. He is a recluse who works alone at an animal sanctuary, and he has a secret. When the dogs in his care alert him to intruders hidden by the darkness, he knows they are coming for him.

Mallory and Obadiah were strangers, brought together for one purpose. To give new light to a terrifying world.

But now they are on the run, and evil intends to find them.

THE SILENCED is fast-paced, dark and electrifying – the war between good and evil is brewing . . .

Terrifying and electrifying in equal measure, Stephen Lloyd Jones’s new novel is perfect for fans of Stephen King, Sarah Lotz and Lauren Beukes.

My Review

Well this book certainly starts as it means to go on! Right from the off there is 1 bloody dead body and the body count continues to rise. Im not sure what category I would put this book in, Supernatural Thriller would be the most accurate – I think!!

Fast paced and unbelievably hard to put down so be prepared to lose some sleep!

The beginning of the book was almost like I had jumped straight into the middle of a story as opposed to just beginning one, but thankfully we do eventually get the back story to our two protagonists and it clicks everything into place and explains things that some of us might not have already worked out.

The two main characters, Mallory and Obadiah both have a story to tell as well as their shared one and even though they make a strange couple, i guess opposites do attract! Mallory – hard as nails, cynical, defensive and a complete negative view to life, whereas Obe – gentle, kind, compassionate and his positive outlook to life make for some interesting reading.

This is quite a hard book to review without giving too much away so I will just leave my review as my impressions and thoughts as opposed to out laying the storyline beyond what you already know so I don’t ruin it for anyone. I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book up as the book blurb doesn’t give too much away and for me that added to the books appeal so my advice – just go for it and enjoy one hell of a story!

Even if  you’re not a huge fantasy / sci-fi fan, if you enjoy a fast paced thriller you will enjoy this!

The Silenced was out to buy in paperback yesterday – 19th April 2018 and can be purchased now from


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