The Awakening: Part One by Michael Timmins (The Lycan War Saga Book 1)


War begins with an awakening…


The Druid War has ended after a year of bloody combat, as Lycan armies battled each other to decide the course of civilization.

Kestrel and her Lycan army have been defeated by the Druidess Sylvanis’ Lycan army. Kestrel, unbeknownst to Sylvanis, has cast a powerful spell. Upon her death, her essence shall remain upon this Earth until the last stone of the Calendar, what we know now as Stonehenge, falls.

The spell will also awaken the power of lycanthropy in the ancestors of her champions, allowing her to cheat death and return to once again wage war on civilization. Sylvanis executes Kestrel for her crimes, thus setting in motion Kestrel’s spell. Sylvanis discovers the deceit and is left with no alternative but to cast a spell of her own.

When Kestrel’s spell goes into effect, Sylvanis will be reborn, and her champions will awake as well, to fight against Kestrel and her Lycans.

Two millennia have passed and the last stone has fallen. Kestrel’s spell awakens her. Sylvanis is reborn with almost no recollection of who she once was. Kestrel will stop at nothing to destroy her and her Lycans before they can discover their powers and find each other.

Now, four individuals find within themselves the power of lycanthropy awakened, the Wolf, Boar, Tiger and Rat. They must learn to control this newfound power as they discover they are a part of an ancient war between two Druidesses.

Will they learn to use their powers in time?

My Review

This book was hard for me to get into at first, jumping from one character to another and with so many characters introduced it was honestly hard to keep track of them at times but saying that it is incredibly fast paced and full of non-stop action right from the get go and it got easier to follow the further into the book I got.

This isn’t your typical lycan / werewolf type story. In The Awakening the lycans are brutal and primal, bloodthirsty and vicious, more likely to rip a person in half (which they do… a lot) as opposed to being in a teenage love triangle! No Twilight werewolves in this book thank god!

The war once fought between two Druids has been carried to the present by powerful magic, filled with ancient and forgotten powers in a modern world connecting the past to the present, blending Celtic druid mythology and different Were-Creatures including a weretiger, a wereboar, a wererat, and a weresnake (and I am sure there will be more in the later books!) it has everything you could ever want in a book.

My only criticism is the ending, it ended a little abruptly as opposed to a cliffhanger ending but it certainly leaves you eager to read the next book in the series!!

Thankfully the second book is already out so no long wait to find out what happens next!

If you love to read fantasy then this is definitely a book for you.

The Awakening can be purchased now from

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