The Lost Village ( The Ghost Hunters #2 ) by Neil Spring


Some stories are never finished. Some voices insist on being heard, even after death . . .

Many years ago, soldiers entered a remote English village called Imber and forced every inhabitant out. It remains abandoned . . .
Each winter, on one night only, Imber’s former residents return to visit loved ones buried in the overgrown churchyard. But this year, something has gone wrong. Secrets are surfacing, putting all who come near Imber in danger. And only one man can help.

Notorious ghost hunter Harry Price has reluctantly reunited with his former assistant Sarah Grey. Once, she worshipped Harry, but their relationship has recently soured. Harry knows that Sarah could be the key to unlocking the mystery of Imber, but will her involvement in the case be the undoing of them both?

Inspired by real historical events, this is the second novel by Neil Spring featuring the notorious real-life ghost hunter, Harry Price. The critically acclaimed ITV drama Harry Price: Ghost Hunter, starring Rafe Spall, was adapted from Spring’s first novel, The Ghost Hunters.

My Review

I didn’t realise it was the second novel in the series when i started this book but luckily it works as a standalone novel.

Sarah Grey, a paranormal investigator is brought back to work with Harry Price to investigate the possible hauntings and occurrences in the ‘lost’ village of Imber on Salisbury plain.

It was a surprise to find out that this book is loosely based on real life events, Imber is a real village, a village ‘borrowed’ by the army after the first World War to practice manoeuvres and was never returned to the residents leaving it abandoned for all these years.

Each winter, on one night only, the former residents return to visit loved ones buried in the overgrown churchyard but on this years pilgrimage things take a different course, putting everyone in danger. But danger from who or from what?

As their investigations take them both to some chilling conclusions, both supernatural and the explainable it delivers some surprising twists and turns along side the gothic spooky atmosphere that’s created so well.

Perfect for a late night spooky read and a great take on a good ghost story.

I will certainly be hunting down a copy of book one in the series as well as any that follow.

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Thank you to Quercus Books and NetGalley for my copy of this book for review.

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