Darling Blue by Tracy Rees


Blue lives a charmed life. From her family’s townhouse in Richmond, she lives a life of luxury and couldn’t want for anything – well, on the surface at least.

Then on the night of her twenty-first birthday her father makes a startling toast: he will give his daughter’s hand to whichever man can capture her heart best in the form of a love letter. But Blue has other ideas and, unwilling to play at her father’s bewildering games, she sets out on her own path to find her own destiny…

My Review

Set in the 1920’s and told in alternating points of view between Blue, Midge and Delphine, 3 women that are nothing alike but brought together through love, grief and above all else – family.

The story centres around Ishbel “Blue” Camberwell, a young woman on the cusp of adulthood as she tries to find her own way into the world. She wants more from life than becoming a wife, she wants to be a writer and although money has never been an issue for her and her family she still wants to work and hold her own as a journalist.

As we follow her through the trials and tribulations that come hand in hand with the courting world and the attentions of several young men she comes to the rescue of the quite, scared, stuttering Delphine.

Delphine has escaped an abusive marriage and has run away when she is rescued by Blue and her sisters. And as Delphine story unfolds she soon becomes fast friends with Blue, Midge and the Camberwell family.

Although the Camberwell’s appear the perfect family who want for nothing their lives have been anything but perfect. A family who have suffered tragic losses and 1 family member with a secret so great that it could shatter it all.

The three woman’s stories intertwine bringing them all closer and at the same time putting them all in danger, the story plays out full of courage, hope, love and grief into an unforgettable conclusion.

Be prepared to be swept off your feet and submerge yourself into a stunning setting as well as back in time to the 1920’s where women are finding their independence and a bobbed haircut was considered outlandish. Where writing becomes a life line and the past that won’t stay in the past.

I have read all of Tracy Rees’s books and whilst Amy Snow remains my favourite Darling Blue is a worthy runner-up! Beautifully written and researched this book will restore your faith in true love.

Darling Blue will be released in the UK on 26 Jul 2018 can be pre-ordered now from

Thank you to NetGalley and Quercus Books for my advance copy in return for an honest review.

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