Greyfriars House by Emma Fraser


Secrets will be uncovered . . .

An epic, sweeping drama about a family with secrets and a house shrouded in mystery, Greyfriars House is perfect for fans of Rachel Hore, Kate Morton,

On a remote Scottish island sits Greyfriars House


Nine-year-old Olivia Friel is delighted to be spending the summer at Greyfriars House, a place where her parents, their family and friends are always happy. But this year there’s an underlying tension that Olivia doesn’t understand. Then one night she sees something she’s not meant to, and accidentally lets slip a devastating betrayal.


Charlotte Friel gets a call from her ailing mother, asking something she’s never asked before: for Charlotte to come home. There are things Olivia needs to tell her daughter before it’s too late, secrets to be shared about forgotten relatives and a mysterious house.

Left reeling by recent events, Charlotte is unsure what path to follow. But eventually her curiosity, and a desire to escape her own life, lead her to Greyfriars House.

Will she find the answers she needs to make peace with the past?

My Review

Omg this book is phenomenally good ❤️

With a dual timeline between past and present this book has it all. War, love, betrayal, mystery, history and haunting.

Everything stems from a night none of them will ever forget for their own reasons, tearing them all apart.

The most memorable and compelling parts of the book for me is the storyline of the two sisters and their lives during the war in Singapore where they detained as prisoners of war and the treatment they received at the hands of the Japanese soldiers. Blending fact with fiction it makes for a harrowing read knowing people actually went through that and survived is incredible. It is so well written it was playing out in my head as though watch a film and I know that those images will haunt my dreams tonight.

And then there is the great-niece Charlotte whose story is set in the present with her own battle scars to deal with. Her career as a barrister is just taking her into the big leagues after winning a high-profile case her life goes from high to low rapidly. Her mum is diagnosed with terminal cancer with not much time left so she drops everything to be with her.

From there she is dealt another curve ball as her mother tells her she has relatives she never knew existed and the feud that ripped them all apart. But there are always two sides to a story and not everything is necessarily as it seems.

This is the first book I’ve read of Emma Fraser and I was initially drawn to it as it was recommended for fans of Kate Morton, Kate Riordan and Tracey Rees whose books I love and I can safely say she really does belong in the company of those other authors. And I now have a new favourite author 😃

Greyfriars House is out now in kindle and Hardback and the paperback edition will be published on August 9th 2018.

Grab you copy now in kindle format now whilst it’s on offer at Amazon for an amazing price of £0.99!!

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