Rattus New Yorkus by Hunter Shea


Deep in the sewers of New York City, the rat population is growing. Dr. Randolph Finch is determined to break the cycle. His new rodenticide, Degenesis, doesn’t kill rats. It sterilizes them from reproducing. But nothing adapts faster than a New York rat . . .


City exterminators and soon-to-be divorced Chris and Benita Jackson think they know how these rats think. They know how rats breed. And they fear that Degenesis has only made these rats stronger. More aggressive. More intelligent. And more ravenous than ever . . .


After a noticeable surge in rat den activity, the Jacksons witness something strange. Without warning, the rats disappear—only to reassemble in a massive lair beneath Grand Central Station. Millions upon millions of them. Working together. Operating as a hive mind. Feasting on the flesh of the homeless below—and planning their all-out attack on the unsuspecting humans above . . .

Raves for The Montauk Monster

“Old school horror.” —Jonathan Maberry
“A lot of splattery fun.”—Publishers Weekly
“Frightening, gripping.”—Night Owl Reviews

My Review

I picked this up with the hindsight that it was going to be a tongue in cheek b-horror kind of story and it certainly was that! But it is a quick entertaining read which kept me steaming through it and it’s a perfect Sunday lazy afternoon kind of book.

I doubt it will leave many people scared unless you have a severe phobia of rats! If you do you best avoid this one 😂

I wish I had saved some of the great lines peppered throughout it, my memory is terrible but I do remember one of them had something to do with tails being like satans ariels maybe? I’m going to have to flick back through it to find it as it amused me!

“Possibly a thousand rats were on our tail, their own tails bobbing like Satan’s spaghetti.”

Now that has got to go down as a classic surely?!! 🙂

Throughly enjoyed this book and I will be hunting out more of  Hunter Shea’s books.

Rattus New Yorkus was published yesterday 21st August 2018 and can be purchased for  the amazing price of £1.81 now from Amazon

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