The Winter Secret by Lulu Taylor


My dear boy, the place is cursed. It always has been and it always will be . . .

Buttercup Redmain has a life of pampered luxury, living in beautiful Charcombe Park. Her older husband, Charles Redmain, is wealthy and successful, and proud of the house he has painstakingly restored, once owned by a famous ancestor.

Buttercup is surrounded by people who make her life delightfully easy. But the one thing she really wants seems impossible. There are other discomforting realities: her husband’s ex-wife Ingrid still lives nearby although Buttercup has never met her. And it soon becomes clear that all the people who make Buttercup’s life so carefree are also watching her every move.

Does she actually live in a comfortable but inescapable cage? And what is the real story of her husband’s previous marriage?

Xenia Arkadyoff once lived in Charcombe Park with her father, a Russian prince, and her mother, a famous film star. Life seemed charmed, full of glamour and beauty. But behind the glittering facade lay pain, betrayal, and the truth about the woman Xenia spent her life protecting.

Now Charcombe Park is calling back people who were once part of its story, and the secrets that have stayed long hidden are bubbling inexorably to the surface . . .

My Review

Another wonderful winters night read by Lulu Taylor, so grab a blanket, your mug of hot chocolate and get comfy as you won’t want to leave Buttercup’s tale anytime soon!

Having read all of Lulu Taylor’s other books, The Snow Angel is still my favourite by a mile but this one was still a great read. A bit of a slow burner that took me a while to full get drawn into but once it had me hooked, that was it, held captive until the last page.

The characters were all wonderfully portrayed, some more likeable than others, but be prepared to have your opinions turned come the end, I know I certainly did! And every good story has to have at least one person, place or situation we all love to hate doesn’t it?

And without anything away, there are several plot twists at the end that you honestly won’t see coming (unless you read to may spoilers which you won’t get from me!) One of which had me swearing out loud, “No f**king way” 🤯 Luckily I was tucked up warm and cozy under my blanket at home so just a warning incase you’re in a public place when you’re reading the latter parts of this book 😂

I’m not going to write a summary of the plot as the book blurb gives you more than enough information, the rest you need to read and discover for yourselves, and it really is worth doing just that!

I will say however that some aspects of this story will give you pause for thought on your own online presence and how much of our own lives we put up online for others to see giving them their own window into our activities and even our thoughts!

I can’t recommend this book highly enough, especially if you are a fan of her previous work or a newcomer. If you have never read any of her other books they are all equally as good and a few that are even better!

The Winter Secret is due to be published on 29 Nov 2018 in the UK and can be preordered now below


A big thank you to the author Lulu Taylor, publishers Pan Macmillan and Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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