The Little Snake by A.L. Kennedy


This is the story of Mary, a young girl born in a beautiful city full of rose gardens and fluttering kites. When she is still very small, Mary meets Lanmo, a shining golden snake, who becomes her very best friend.

The snake visits Mary many times, he sees her city change, become sadder as bombs drop and war creeps in. He sees Mary and her family leave their home, he sees her grow up and he sees her fall in love. But Lanmo knows that the day will come when he can no longer visit Mary, when his destiny will break them apart, and he wonders whether having a friend can possibly be worth the pain of knowing you will lose them.

From one of Britain’s most gifted and celebrated writers, The Little Snake is a magical and deeply moving fable about the journey we all take through life, about love and family, about war and resilience, about how we live in this world, and how we leave it.

My Review

In only 144 pages this book manages to encompass a plethora of emotions from love, loss, family and friendships found in the most unlikely of places. A little book with a massive heart!

A dark fable for adults and children alike it is a magical read that will touch your heart and retain a special place inside.

The book blurb is pretty extensive covering the story’s plot so I won’t go into that any further and let you read and discover it for yourselves. I went into this book with no prior knowledge of the author and read no reviews and I personally think discovering it for myself enhanced my enjoyment of this little gem of a book.

So a small review for a small little book but a book that I would highly recommend and one that can be read time and time again without loosing any of its magic.

The Little Snake was published on the 8th Nov 2018 and can be purchased now below.

Many thanks to the author A.L. Kennedy, publishers Canongate Books and NetGalley for my copy in exchange for an honest, independent review.

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