The Lost Man by Jane Harper


He had started to remove his clothes as logic had deserted him and his skin was cracked. Whatever had been going through Cameron’s mind when he was alive, he didn’t look peaceful in death.

Two brothers meet at the remote fence line separating their cattle farms under the relenting sun of the remote outback. In an isolated part of Western Australia, they are each other’s nearest neighbour, their homes three hours’ drive apart.

They are at the stockman’s grave, a landmark so old that no one can remember who is buried there. But today, the scant shadow it casts was the last hope for their middle brother, Cameron, who lies dead at their feet.

Something had been on Cam’s mind. Did he choose to walk to his death? Because if he didn’t, the isolation of the outback leaves few suspects…

The Lost Man is the highly anticipated new book from the bestselling and award-winning Jane Harper, author of The Dry and Force of Nature.

My Review

This might not be the fastest paced book you will read this year but it will possibly be one of the best.

This one is a standalone novel so if you haven’t had chance to read The Dry and Forces of nature which are a series featuring Aaron Falk, you can jump straight in with this book.

Set in the blistering Australian outback where the nearest neighbours are a three-hour drive away and their farming lands are the size of a small county in Devon you can’t help but be feel the remoteness coming off the pages, as well as the heat! The whole book is atmospheric in a way that crawls into your subconsciousness and remains there for the entire novel.

Set around three brothers on neighbouring farms, brought together by the death of one of them, Cam, and something with his passing doesn’t add up. Did he choose to die out in the isolated location of the stockman’s grave or was he forced, left alone with no water and no chance of help finding him in time?

As the story progresses it starts to strip back the layers of the brothers shared childhood and their pasts, the lead up to their brother’s death and ultimately what really happened on that day.

The subject of domestic abuse plays its part in their stories so this maybe a trigger for some but it isn’t a main storyline and isn’t forced on the reader in a harsh way, it has been written intelligently and delicately so don’t let that stop you from picking this book up.

The whole storyline is cleverly written and done so well that before you know it you have finished the whole book and didn’t feel the passing hours.

As I said earlier, it isn’t the fastest paced book in the world, it is a character driven, immersive, atmospheric read that sucks you into their world of intense heat and red sand that it makes you feel like you should be sweating alongside the characters!

I don’t want to go into a plot breakdown as the book description provides enough and you need to read the book for yourselves, but what I will say is this – this is possibly her best novel yet!

The Lost Man is out to buy now in e-book format and the hardback edition will be published on February 7, 2019.

Thank you to the author Jane Harper, publishers Little, Brown Book Group UK and  NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review as well as publicist Caolinn Douglas for including me in the blog tour.

Information for the tour can be found here The Lost Man Blog Tour 4 to 13 Feb 2019

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