The Neighbour by Fiona Cummins


FOR SALE: A lovely family home with good-sized garden and treehouse occupying a plot close to woodland. Perfect for kids, fitness enthusiasts, dog walkers . . .

And, it seems, the perfect hunting ground for a serial killer.

On a hot July day, Garrick and Olivia Lockwood and their two children move into 25 The Avenue looking for a fresh start. They arrive in the midst of a media frenzy: they’d heard about the local murders in the press, but Garrick was certain the killer would be caught and it would all be over in no time. Besides, they’d got the house at a steal and he was convinced he could flip it for a fortune.

The neighbours seemed to be the very picture of community spirit. But everyone has secrets, and the residents in The Avenue are no exception.

After six months on the case with no real leads, the most recent murder has turned DC Wildeve Stanton’s life upside down, and now she has her own motive for hunting down the killer – quickly.

My Review

Sounds good right? Sometimes the blurb on the book can be better than the actual book but not in this case. This book lives up to the blurb plus so much more. And if you have read her other books Rattle and The Collector then you know what you are letting yourselves in for with this one. The Neighbour is her best book yet.

Filled with some memorable characters, not all likeable it will make your street and neighbours seem less irritating and much more likeable 😂

On The Avenue, behind every door hides a secret, and behind one of these doors is a serial killer that has been living in plain sight. But which door? The chapters give a snapshot view into each of the ongoing lives, into each of their secrets, slowly building up to an emotional terrifying conclusions.

A twist that not even the best of you will see coming even if you are expecting it, which is not easy to accomplish but is the best kind of twist plus some extra surprises along the way.

For fans of crime thrillers this one is not to be missed and I can guarantee it is a real treat of a read.

The Neighbour will be published on 04 April 2019 and can be pre ordered now from

Thank you to the author Fiona Cummins, publishers Pan Macmillan and NetGalley for my digital advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest and independent review.


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