The Chain by Adrian McKinty


You just dropped off your child at the bus stop. A panicked stranger calls your phone. Your child has been kidnapped, and the stranger explains that their child has also been kidnapped, by a completely different stranger. The only way to get your child back is to kidnap another child within 24 hours. Your child will be released only when the next victim’s parents kidnap yet another child, and most importantly, the stranger explains, if you don’t kidnap a child, or if the next parents don’t kidnap a child, your child will be murdered. You are now part of The Chain

My Review

Welcome to The Chain, once you are in The Chain you will never get out, even if you follow all the rules.

Your daughter has been taken and you will do anything to get her back safely, you even shock yourself how far you will go for your own child, but no matter how far you go for your daughters safe return ultimately her life is now in the hands of another child’s parents twice over.

To get your daughter back you have to take someone else’s child, then the parents of the child you are holding hostage has to take someone else child then in turn they have to take someone else child before your daughter is returned. And so The Chain goes on.

Confusing? I thought so too but it all makes sense and Mr McKinty explains it so much better than I ever could! Ive even confused myself trying to write that and I still don’t think I’ve explained it correctly! Its a good job the book makes it all make sense!

The characters are well fleshed out and the protagonist Rachel is one momma bear you don’t want to stand between her and her daughter. She is brilliant and I was routing for her from the very beginning. The pace of the book is set nice and fast with no chance of boredom or complacency. This is definitely one book not to be missed.

An utterly ingeniously clever plot line that has you tearing through the pages at break neck speed only to leave you dumbfounded as the plot twist finally makes its self known.

Original and brilliant and oh so very clever.

The Chain will be published on 09 July 2019 and is available for preorder now

A big thank you to the author Adrian McKinty, publishers Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for my copy of the book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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