In the Darkness by Mike Omer


A forensic psychologist fights a mental war against two serial killers in this disturbing thriller from Mike Omer, Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of A Killer’s Mind.

An online video of a girl clawing at the ceiling of her own grave could be the worst thing FBI forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley has ever seen. Perhaps even more disturbing is the implication of the video’s title: “Experiment Number One.”

Zoe and her partner, Special Agent Tatum Gray, work as fast as they can to find the monster behind the shocking video, but soon another one shows up online, and another girl turns up dead. Meanwhile, a different murderer is on Zoe’s mind. Rod Glover has been tormenting her since childhood, and his latest attack is a threatening photo of himself with Zoe’s sister. As Glover’s threats creep toward action, Zoe’s torn between family and duty.

Zoe must think fast to prevent another murder. With her own family’s safety on the line, Zoe feels she’s never been in more danger. And while she’s always known her job could send her to an early grave, she always assumed she’d be dead first.

My Review

What is better than a serial killer thriller? A double serial killer thriller! There is not 1 but 2 serial killers on the loose in Mike Omer’s In the Darkness and Zoe is chasing both of them, her one major problem? One of the killers is also chasing her.

This is the second book in the series and although I haven’t read the first book I followed the story without any issues, obviously one of the serial killers, Rod Glover, has come from the first book there was enough back story for me to be able to follow so if like me this is your first book by Mike Omer you will still throughly enjoy it.

The characters are all well fleshed out, Zoe and her partner Special Agent Tatum Grey have a great relationship that reads well but my favourite character was Marvin, Tatum’s grumpy, skydiving, grumpy old grandfather! He made me chuckle on several occasions 😀

As Zoe and Tatum travel to Texas to follow a case of a woman who has been buried alive and broadcast across the internet Zoe’s sister comes face to face with the serial killer Rod Glover. Torn between being at home protecting her sister and staying in Texas to help the police catch the Schrodinger’s killer they battle against the clock to save another woman who has also been buried alive and being broadcast across the internet named ‘experiment two’

This is one for all those taphephobic people out there just like me. (I had to google it and it is the fear of being buried alive!)

A claustrophobic, dark tense plot that has you gasping for breath along with the victims!

In the Darkness will be published on 25 June 2019 and is available for pre order now, it will also be available to read for free via kindle unlimited

Thank you to the author Mike Omer, publishers Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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