Violet by Scott Thomas


In the lineage of Peter Straub and Julia, Scott Thomas’ Violet is the disturbing tale of a woman haunted by her long-abandoned imaginary friend.

When Kris Parker was ten years old, her father brought her to their lake house to spend the last few weeks with her dying mother. It was one of the most difficult times of young Kris’ life. Luckily she had someone to help her through it: her imaginary friend, Violet.

After her mother’s death, Kris left the house. Now, twenty years later, Kris has returned to the lake house to recover from yet another family tragedy. With her is her eight-year-old daughter, Sadie. But what is supposed to be a summer of healing soon becomes an odyssey of unspeakable horror—for Violet has been waiting years to play with Kris again.

My Review

I have been fortunate enough to receive a advance reader copy of this book Violet and I would just like to say to all authors and publishers that as a reader first and foremost aswell as a book blogger these arc copies are an honour and a privilege to receive and I  truly appreciate each and every book and I hope my merge efforts to review and promote goes someway to helping get these books the exposure they deserve, so, Thank You 🙏🏼

As I said, I have been lucky enough to receive an early copy of Violet and it opens up with a foreword from the CEO and publisher Adam Gomolin in which he summaries the plot a hell of a lot better, and quicker than what I could, so I hope he doesn’t mind but I am going to use his words to open up my review with!

A woman returns to the lake house where she watched her mother die of cancer as a child – but an evil has been growing beneath the surface of the town, one emanating from her own loss thirty years before. Its a terrifying exploration of grief, denial, and betrayal. Where Kill Creek was driven by plot, Violet is a character focused exploration of life in the aftermath of loss.

Thats much better than me rambling on trying to lay the bare bones of it down for you😂

As with Kill Creek, which I loved, and I will now shamelessly plug my review for that book here! Kill Creek by Scott Thomas ,Violet is also a bit of a slow burner to begin with, but my god does it work! The pace allows for the in depth character development as well as all the fine tuning of the atmosphere, which creeps and keeps on ratcheting up page by page, and for me it was the atmosphere that was the key to this books success, and it has it by the bucket load! The characters, the locations, to the creepy neighbours you can feel watching, all adds up to an atmosphere you could cut with a knife!

The house and its setting is a complete character in its self, a living breathing entity that is always there, watching you, even though it’s not the house that you should be scared of. It’s what lives in that house that will put you off reading at bedtime!

She was a walking dream, a thought made flesh, an inhuman spirit caught between two realms.

I may have overused the word atmosphere in that paragraph but please forgive me, I have not slept yet as I was up all night reading, and yes I kept the light burning bright all night reading this one!

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more taught with tension I was proved so so wrong! I thought I had worked out the solution to Kris’s Violet problem just mere moments before she had, and as I was busy congratulating myself, literally seconds later, my heart ended up in my mouth when both the character and I realised at the same time that we both may have got it totally and utterly wrong! 😱

I did read that his previous book Kill Creek is going to be made into a TV show which will be great viewing and I can seriously see this book being adapted for the silver screen, it would make the perfect horror movie!

Horror fans world wide will devour this in one sitting, claustrophobic and atmospheric, this book will give you chills.

Violet will be published on 24 Sep 2019 and can be pre ordered now

A massive thank you to the author Scott Thomas, publishers Inkshares and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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