Twice The Speed Of Dark by Lulu Allison


A mother and daughter circle each other, bonded by love, separated by fatal violence.

Dismayed by the indifference she sees in the news to people who die in distant war and terror, Anna writes portraits of the victims, trying to understand the real impact of their deaths.

Meanwhile her daughter, killed by a violent boyfriend, tells her own story from the perplexing realms of death, reclaiming herself from the brutality.

Anna’s life is suppressed by grief; it is only through these acts of love for strangers that she can allow herself an emotional connection to the world.

Will Anna’s rising anger turn her to revenge or will she find freedom at last from the terrible burdens of grief?

My Review

 A bittersweet book that will haunt you well beyond the last page.

Anna’s daughter Catlin was killed by her boyfriend who in a heated argument that became physical ended up resulting in her death and his incarceration for manslaughter. He received a sentence of 10 years. Now, neither women can move on, Anna in this life and Catlin in the afterlife, both trapped by the events of that night.

The story is told by both Anna and her daughter which gives gives the plot depth as well as twice the emotions!

For Anna life stopped on that day and grief threatens to pull her under, a grief that knows no bounds. How can life carry on without Catlin in it? How can the world keep turning? How can time keep ticking by when all she wants is for it to stop. She is angry at the world, at all those people that are carrying on with life as if nothing has happened. Her daughter was murdered, why does no one else seem to care? How can her death be ruled as an accident, not murder but manslaughter? The only coping strategy Anna finds is in writing about other peoples deaths, people from the news, strangers, people she has never met, giving them names and faces, giving them a voice to tell their tales, ones that she imagines for them.

Catlin’s tale is one of young love, of forgiving things that she never should have, of being blinded by that love as she tells her story, the story of how she came to be telling her tale from belong the grave. And maybe, just maybe, by telling her tale will finally let her move on. But fate has not finished with them yet as Anna comes face to face with Ryan, her daughters killer after he is released from prison.

The whole book is written very lyrical, using the English language at its full potential. It is probably one of the most emotionally charged books that I have ever read. Heartbreaking at times, others you could feel some of the anger burning the pages, but somewhat comforting as well at times. You can’t help but put yourself in Anna’s shoes and it just doesn’t bear thinking about, I even ended up going into my daughters bedroom to make sure she was ok!

Twice the Speed of Dark was published back on 24 Nov 2017 and you can grab a copy now to find out for yourself just how good and heartwarming this book is for yourself.

Thank you to the author Lulu Allison, publishers Unbound and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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