Jasmine Sea by Phillipa Nefri Clark


A story of heart-melting friendships, true love, and one woman’s courage in the face of unexpected danger.

Happy in her new life in River’s End, Christie Ryan loves the little cottage she’s renovating and the man she longs to marry. With her narcissistic ex-fiancé out of the picture, the future is bright.

But storm clouds gather when a mysterious woman commissions a painting from Martin Blake, insisting on secrecy and creating undercurrents of suspicion. Christie’s cottage is targeted as part of a shocking crime spree as pressure builds for her to sell it.

In a heart-stopping series of events, Christie comes face to face with her greatest fear… and there is no going around it. She has one chance to save those she loves and now, the storm is upon her.

Jasmine Sea follows The Stationmaster’s Cottage, set shortly after its stunning conclusion.

My Review

Jasmine Sea picks up where the first book in this series, The Stationmaster’s Cottage left off. However saying that it isn’t imperative to have read book one before jumping straight into this one. There are enough details incorporated so you are not left so far in the dark that you would get lost. I absolutely loved The Stationmaster’s Cottage and would not hesitate it recommending both books! Because of reading book one first, for me it gave this book much more depth as well as a deeper level of understanding of the characters and location, especially the wonderful protagonist Christie Ryan.

Christie has been busy renovating the cottage that she inherited from her estranged grandmother, and with Derek out of her life, things are looking up for her, there are even wedding bells on the horizon for her and Martin, the local artist. And it is with Martin that takes their lives from the green, dragging it into the red.

He has been commissioned to paint a woman’s portrait. Harmless enough, even if the woman is wearing secrecy like a cloak. As alarm bells begin to sound in Christie’s head the town of River Run is hit with a spate of crimes. And if that wasn’t enough, her past comes barreling back forcing itself front and centre, leaving Christie nowhere to hide.

Set in a beautiful location, this book has it all. Location, characters that stand out from the crowd that give you no option but to follow. Once you begin reading you just can’t stop. As the tide comes in, take off you shoes, dip your toes into the sea and then paddle through the surf as you follow Christie as her past and present collide.

Heartwarming, heartbreaking, characters old and new, be prepared to fall in love with River Run all over again!

Jasmine Sea was published back in Nov 2017 and at the moment is available to read for free via Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, so go ahead and be swept away, all the way to River Run.

You can also find my review for the first book in the River’s End Romance series here – The Stationmaster’s Cottage

A massive thank you to the author and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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