I See You (Criminal Profiler #2) by Mary Burton


FBI special agent Zoe Spencer uses skeletal remains to recreate the faces of murder victims through sculpture. Though highly scientific, the process is also sensitive and intimate; she becomes attached to the individuals she identifies, desperate to find justice for each.

As Zoe examines old remains, she sees a teenage girl looking back at her—the victim in a cold case from over a decade ago. Zoe wants nothing more than to tell this young woman’s story and to bring her killer to justice.

Zoe’s case leads her to the victim’s hometown and to homicide detective William Vaughan, Zoe’s on-again, off-again lover. As the two become more involved in the case, they quickly realize that it isn’t as cold as they first believed: someone’s still out there hunting women. And with more women gone missing, time’s running out. Can they work together and stop this madman before he kills again?

My Review 

A suspense novel of the highest order from a master of her craft.

A 911 call by a distraught man, he’s been stabbed, his wife and daughter both abducted by a masked intruder, their bedroom is awash with blood. And so begins the hunt for the two missing females.

After a tip off to a disgraced reporter, Nikki McDonald, the discovery of a human bones has Special Agent Zoe Spencer putting her skills to use in the attempts to identify the victim. With no DNA available due to the bones having been burnt and the teeth removed, Zoe is the only hope now into a positive identification. And it is that identification that connects the two cases together. The young lady that Zoe’s reconstruction identifies was a woman who had gone missing years before, the sister to the woman that has been abducted by the masked intruder. 

As Zoe and Alexandria homicide detective William Vaughan join forces and cases they begin delving into the Foster family, what actually happened that day Hadley and Skylar were taken, and the connection to her sister, Marsha Prince, who disappeared eighteen years prior.

This is the second book in the criminal profiler series featuring Zoe Spencer and her masterful talent of facial recreation sculptures. Thankfully it reads as a standalone as I haven’t read the first book, Hide and Seek, as of yet as I was unaware it was the second in the series! Book 1 has now been added to my tbr pile! The relationship between Spencer and Vaughan was as good as the plot, both worked unbelievably well and as always Burton writes a mean seduction scene! As to the who done it element, I had that figured out well before the reveal, however it didn’t take any of the enjoyment out of the reading.

If you have read a Mary Burton book before then you will know what to expect and won’t be disappointed. If you are new to her books then this one is a good place to start and it will have you digging into the back collection of her earlier work.

Murders, mysteries, secrets and lies, add to that a light touch of romance and you have the ingredients that have come together to bring you Mary Burton’s new novel, I See You.

I See You will be published on 08 October 2019 and is available to preorder now. It will also be available to read for free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you to the author Mary Burton, publishers Montlake Romance and NetGalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest and independent review.

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