The Fallout by Rebecca Thornton

The Fallout Cover

 At the school gates, there’s no such thing as yesterdays news ….

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a secret.
I only took my eyes off him for a second.
One little mistake is all it takes . . .

When Sarah forgets to check on her best friend’s little boy, distraction turns to disaster. And she’s faced with a dilemma.

Tell the truth, lose a friend.
Tell a lie, keep her close.

In a split second, Sarah seals her fate. But accidents have aftershocks, and lies have consequences. And when it’s someone else’s child, the rumours are quick to multiply.

Everyone’s talking about what happened. And sooner or later, the truth will have to come spilling out…

My Review


The lie, the gossip, the consequences! The fallout is going to be huge!

The dreaded school playground ‘It mummy’s’ clique are out in force in this novel that is full of characters that will resonate with anyone who has faced the school pickup for themselves! Every school has them and every school has the gossips. The other parents that like to pass judgment as fast as they pass on the latest gossip, regardless of the effect it can have on others.

The story follows best friends Sarah and Liza as they begin their day over coffee at the local fitness centre whilst their children play in the outdoor children’s playground. Just a normal day, that is until Liza’s son Jack has a serious accident and is rushed to hospital.

Accidents happen all the time, kids hurt themselves doing mischievous things all the time but for Sarah this is so much more than that. Just minutes before the accident Liza had asked her to check on Jack, which she did and she saw him climbing something he shouldn’t, but just at that moment she got distracted by a face from the past, forgetting about Jack entirely. So when tragedy struck the guilt struck her full force and rather than jeopardise their friendship she decides to keep quiet, saying that Jack had been safe and fine when she had checked on him.

But guilt is a heavy burden to carry and the weight and pressure begin to unravel Sarah as she tries to make things right and help and support her best friend especially as the speculation, gossip, rumours and finger pointing escalates. Can the truth stay hidden, will Jack make a full recovery and will the two women’s friendship survive?

This is a really character driven story of friendship, trust, secrets and lies. Some characters you will empathise with, others you will dislike but all will suck you in and keep you glued to this all to true to live group of people and their lives.

It certainly took me back to my school pick up days and it could quite as easily been that very playground they were talking about, except our little village school was not full of the privileged and wealthy!!

If you enjoy a good drama with added suspense and intrigue than this is the perfect book for you!

The paperback edition was published on 2 April is grab yourself a copy now, big cup of tea and settle in for an engrossing read.

With all of us in isolation and in lockdown this is the perfect time to grab a book and escape from the perilous situation we are all facing and get transported by a good book!

If your local bookshop is still offering their services then please use them to purchase your books as our small local independent businesses need our custom more so then ever, if not the you can grab a copy here now without having to leave your house. Plus it is on offer on Amazon for an amazing £0.99!

A massive thank you to the author Rebecca Thornton, publishers Harper Collins and Anne Cater for my copy of this entertainingly good book, plus a spot on the blog tour.




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