The Lost Child by Emily Gunnis

The Lost Child Cover

 Some novels hold you in their spell and never let you go… 

This is the heart-wrenching new novel from the author of the international bestseller The Girl in the Letter, Emily Gunnis. Perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Kathryn Hughes The Lost Child is a twisting, nail-biting novel of a decades-old murder and a shocking secret. 

A tragic death. A missing baby. A long-kept secret…

1960. Thirteen-year-old Rebecca and her mother live in fear of Rebecca’s father’s violent temper. As a storm batters Seaview Cottage one night, Rebecca hears a visitor at the door and an argument ensues. By the time the police arrive, the visitor has fled and both Rebecca’s parents are dead. No one believes Rebecca’s story that she heard a stranger downstairs…

2014. Iris, a journalist, is sent to cover the story of a new mother on the run with her desperately ill baby, as the police race against time to find them. When the trail leads back to Seaview Cottage, the childhood home of Iris’s own mother, Rebecca, Iris must unravel the events of the night Rebecca is desperate to forget for Seaview Cottage to give up its secrets.

To find the truth she must follow in her mother’s footsteps. 

My Review

An all consuming, heartbreaking, heartwarming read with an ending that will both shock and possibly delight you!

Some families are more dysfunctional than others and this is a tale about a family divided, torn apart from a violent past, but pulling together when the chips were down!

Before the war, Harriet was a happily married woman to Jacob, a loving and caring man, but after the war, when the lucky ones made it home, the man she married had changed beyond recognition and suffering with chronic battle neurosis. A condition that will reverberate time affecting several generations of the family.

Jump forward to 2014 and Harriets daughter, Rebecca, is now a mother herself to two grown-up young ladies, Iris and Jessie. However, her relationship with her first born, Jessie is fractured, but now that Jessie is about to become a mum for the first time herself she reaches out to her mother to find out about her own birth and the postnatal psychosis her mother had suffered for fear of history repeating itself.

The story is told by alternating between the woman’s points of view as well as Rebecca’s ex husband and switches between ‘then’ and ‘now’, but it is really easy to follow, even for me and I am terrible remembering names and dates at the best of times!

All the characters are an engrossing read and even though he had physically violent outbursts toward his wife my heart still went out to him for everything he had witnessed in the war and the lasting, life changing effects it had on him. But out of all the characters I fell in love with Rebecca and was championing her all the way!

And all the while this family drama is unfolding, the past keeps battling forward, rearing its ugly head whilst delivering some long held secrets, along with a shock or two!

The whole book was an absolute dream to read, but the ending! OMG! Literally out loud making my own daughter jump 😂

Emily Gunnis is an author to look out for and after reading this she is now on my list of favourite authors!

The Lost Child is out now so go grab yourself a copy and I promise you will not be disappointed even slightly!

With the awful Covid-19 situation on going and whilst we are all staying home, staying save and helping the NHS by doing so, take this as a positive from the whole situation. Now is the perfect time to pick up a good book and get reading!

For a chance to win your very own copy of this book head on over to Twitter or Facebook for further details. But if you cannot wait then please grab a copy here now from the comfort of your house, or if your local book shop is still offering their services, please order from them as the local businesses need us all now more than ever!

Keep well and keep safe everyone.

A massive thank you to the author Emily Gunnis, publishers Headline, NetGalley and Anne Cater for my copy of this wonderful book as well as my spot on the blog tour! Sorry my review is a day late but I was to poorly to function properly yesterday! CFS and chronic pain are not fun!


  1. Not being able to sleep really isn’t funny is it! Normally I would read through the night but my eyes were so sore from lack of sleep I couldn’t even do that last night!
    I hope you manage to get some much needed sleep tonight 🤞🏼xx


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