I Can’t Sleep by J.E. Rowney


“I can’t sleep. Not since June 16th, 2018.Not since what happened…”

Traumatised by the events of her past, exhausted by insomnia, Becky Braithwaite believes that a new start will help her to recover.

She leaves home to fulfil her brother’s dreams, and honour the life he never had…
but she soon finds that escaping from the past is not as easy as she imagined.

Is her fatigued mind playing tricks on her, or is danger really lurking in the shadows?

This unputdownable psychological thriller will keep you turning the pages to find out the truth.

My Review

If you thought you were having or had sleep issues, as I do, they are not a patch on this women’s!

There is something very addictive about this book that keeps you glued to the pages and keeps you reading. This is the first book I have picked up and actually finished since the corona virus lockdown, so that in it’s self speaks volumes about the book! For some reason I have really struggled with reading throughout this whole pandemic and haven’t been able to focus on a book longer than a page to two, let alone writing a review, so when I picked this book up I didn’t expect to get into it, let alone finish the entire book in a day.

I have had this book on my to be read pile for a while now and I chose to give this one a go today as the page count wasn’t to daunting, as well as sounding like a fascinating plot, obviously 😂 and I finished the book this evening. I throughly enjoyed the whole book and fingers crossed this is the book that has broken my readers block! 🤞🏼

Centred around Becky who has moved miles from home to attend university, it is clear that she is running from something, something major, something devastating, that she is still trying to overcome and reclaim power over her ability to sleep.

As Becky battles with insomnia, strange things start to happen, someone watching her through her bedroom window, mysterious notes left for her in the library, someone calling out her name that she cannot see, is there someone stalking her or is her sleep deprived brain playing tricks on her? What is real and what is all in her own head?

Everything all plays out across the pages, culminating in a twisted conclusion!

If you are a fan of psychological thrillers then this is the perfect read for you.

I Can’t Sleep will be published on 16 October 2020 and is available for pre-order now for the amazing price of £0.99 from Amazon or it is available to read for free via Kindle Unlimited. An amazing book at an amazing price thats not to be missed!

About the Author

J.E.Rowney spent several years in the cold Yorkshire hills, which brings the flavour of the moorland countryside into her work. She now lives in Dorset, and the sun and sea are slowly creeping in as influences.

She is an award winning poet, and also enjoys writing short stories. “Charcoal”, her first novel, was published in 2012 to wide critical acclaim, and was a bestselling novel on Amazon within days of release.

She has since written two bestselling poetry collections, “Desire Lines” and “How the Heart Behaves”.

Her third novel, “Ghosted”, was released in January 2020 and quickly became a bestseller.

Ms Rowney is working on a fourth novel, a psychological thriller, to be released Autumn 2020.

She spends lots of time writing in coffee shops, so if you see her, say hello.

Ms. Rowney says: “I always dreamed of being a writer, until I realised that I was. Then I started to write.”

You can find out more about JE Rowney on her website at jerowney.com, or follow @jerowneywriter on social media.

A massive thank you to the author Jayne Rowney for my advance readers copy of the book in exchange for an honest and independent book review.

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