The House on Abigail Lane by Kealan Patrick Burke

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary American home, but since its construction in 1956, people have vanished as soon as they go upstairs, the only clues the things they leave behind: a wedding ring, a phone…an eye.

In its sixty-year history, a record number of strange events have been attributed to the house, from the neighbors waking up to find themselves standing in the yard outside, to the grieving man who vanished before a police officer’s eyes. The animals gathering in the yard as if summoned. The people who speak in reverse. The lights and sounds. The music. The grass dying overnight…and the ten-foot clown on the second floor.

And as long as there are mysteries, people will be compelled to solve them.

Here, then, is the most comprehensive account of the Abigail House phenomenon, the result of sixty years of eyewitness accounts, news reports, scientific research, and parapsychological investigations, all in an attempt to decode the enduring mystery that is…


My Review

A nightmare inducing riot for your imagination!

I could just picture this book as a documentary playing out in front of my eyes and I am a big fan of a good documentary programme so I loved the writing style of this book.

There are so many haunted, tainted, evil house stories out there, both in novels and in movies that we have all read or seen and as with a lot of things once you’ve read/seen one you’ve seen them all. But this book however takes its own spin on the haunted house and makes it entirely his own!

I won’t go into the plot as the book description has done that for me and to say any more would be to give to much away, but what I will say in regards to the books contents is that it definitely sparks the imagination, so much so I came face to face with that hideous clown in my sleep 😬

For a short story it sure as hell packs a mean ass punch! This is definitely a must read for any horror fans and a writer that should be at the top of your go to authors for everything scary!

The House on Abigail Lane is out now to buy and I highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy now whilst it’s still light outside! Or if you’re brave enough save it to read at night, just before you go to sleep and just maybe you will come face to face with a 10ft tall clown as well 🙀

A massive thank you to the author Kealan Patrick Burke for my copy of the book for me to read and review. I can’t wait to see where your imagination takes mine in the future!

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