The Night Lawyer by Alex Churchill

Sophie Angel is the night lawyer. Once a week, she’s the one who decides what the papers can and can’t say.

During the day, she’s a barrister. She struggles for justice in a system that’s close to collapse, where she confronts the most dangerous aspects of humanity. 

Her life changes when a wealthy Russian offers her the biggest case of her career, a rape trial with a seemingly innocent client.

But is someone manipulating Sophie from the shadows? With her marriage under strain and haunted by nightmares from the past, Sophie must find the answer to these questions before it’s too late.

This is a story about betrayal, trust, guilt and innocence, played out from the courtrooms of London to the darkest corners of Soviet era Moscow.

My Review

Legal thrillers are not my normal genre even though I love crime fiction, but after reading The Night Lawyer it has changed my mind and I will definitely be reading more of them. I also hope that this is not the last we hear of Sophie Angel. She is one of the great female protagonists that stick with you well after you have finished reading the book.

Going between flashbacks to her childhood in Russia to the courts of London this is a story with hidden depth and multiple storylines that all interweave to make a compulsive, addictive read.

The main storyline is Sophies new case, defending a young man of a rape allegation and that alone makes for a gripping storyline, but as well as that it follows her personal life. The marital problems, the issues from her past, how her Russian heritage is now beginning to effect her life now and the mystery of her uncles death all those years ago in Russia. And now, an escaped convict has Sophie set in his sights putting her in perilous danger.

If like me you don’t normally read legal thrillers don’t let that stop you from picking up this book as there is so much more than just a courtroom drama. It has multiple storylines that all have you hooked from the very first to the very last page.

Hopefully this is just the start of something great for Alex Churchill and her powerful protagonist Sophie Angel.

‘A gripping read and a warning to everybody who cares about preserving a justice system that retains integrity and confidence’Annette Henry QC

The Night Lawyer was published in paperback on the 11 June and Ebook on the 30 April.

A massive thank you to the author Alex Churchill, publishers Red Door Books, blog tour hosts Random Things Tours and Anne Cater for my copy of this book and including me in the blog tour.

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