I Lie in Wait by Amanda Brittany

It’s one year since her sister vanished. Now, another girl is missing…

One year ago, Amelia Taylor’s sister, Lark, vanished without a trace from a family holiday in the Scottish Highlands.

The police are convinced that Lark was abducted, but with no new leads, the case has gone cold. Amelia is certain that the answer lies at the holiday cottage and retracing their steps might unearth a vital clue that could help make a breakthrough.

But during their second night at the cottage a shrill scream cuts through the darkness, just as it did a year ago, and a sense of dread engulfs everyone.

Another girl has vanished.

Leading the search, Amelia is convinced that both girls are alive, waiting to be found. But someone is determined to keep her from the truth at all costs

Will Amelia be able to find her sister, or is she too about to find herself in danger?

Fans of The Perfect CoupleMy Lovely Wife and The Silent Patient will love Amanda Brittany!

My Review

Set in what should have been a picturesque snow covered Scotland, with the backdrop of the ruins of Drummondale House; for one family and their friends, is there tragic history about to repeat itself?

Told mainly through Amelia’s narrative, the story switches between ‘Present day’ and ‘A Year Ago’ as it follows the heart break and tragedy of Amelia’s family and friends.

A year ago the whole Taylor family; Amelia, her younger sister Lark, father Robert, brother Thomas, Thomas’s carer Maddie, mum Caroline and Caroline’s new partner, Jackson, plus Caroline’s friend, Rosalind, her husband and her stepdaughter all go on one last holiday to Scotland to stay on the Drummondale House estate. Caroline had been diagnosed with terminal cancer with a prognosis that she won’t see out the year, so it was a dying woman’s wish that brought them all together for what would essentially be the very last time.

Other parts of the story are told through Ruth, the owner of the holiday cottages as well as being the chef, the cleaner and waitress! She does have help from her son, Finn, who has returned back to live with his mum after the breakdown of his marriage.

Tragedy strikes and turns the getaway from tranquil to horror as both Jackson and Lark vanish without a trace, neither one has been seen or heard of since. Caroline lost her fight with cancer never knowing what happened to her young teenage daughter, leaving the rest of the family to mourn the loss of both mother and daughter.

A year on, Robert alongside with Thomas and Maddie have booked to return to Drummondale House for the one year anniversary of Lark’s disappearance. Even though she thinks it is a terrible idea Amelia decides to go with them. Once they arrive, to their shock, and Robert’s disgust, Rosamund and her stepdaughter Elise are also there.

As their stay brings the past back to the surface, little things start to happen. Subtle at first, trick of the light or just their imaginations maybe? But then things begin to take a sinister turn; is whoever took Lark back as well? Is history going to repeat itself putting Elise in danger? Or have they all got targets pinned to their chests?

With the snow still falling making all roads impassable and no mobile signals between them, the group are trapped in a nightmare.

This book has tension that just keeps on building until it is tighter than a drum, coupled by plenty of snow covered twists, of which I never anticipated catching me completely off guard! Add to that a full cast of some deeply flawed, relatable characters that are so well written that you feel like you know them, it all adds up to create this page burner of a book!

Having never read any of this author’s work before I had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up and I am so glad that I did otherwise I would have missed this brilliantly clever psychological thriller. If you are a fan of this genre then you are in for a real treat with this dark, twisty thriller. It genuinely is one book that needs to be at the top of your tbr pile!

I Lie In Wait will be published on 28 August 2020 and is available for pre order now.

A huge Thank You to the author Amanda Brittany and publishers Harper Collins for my copy of this brilliantly clever book.

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