The Heights by Parker Bilal

A Crane and Drake Thriller

Book Two in the Crane and Drake series

What starts with the gruesome discovery of a severed head on the Tube soon becomes personal for former DI Cal Drake. After one betrayal too many, Drake has abandoned the police force to become a private detective. He’s teamed up with enigmatic forensic pathologist Dr Rayhana Crane and it’s not long before the case leads them to the darkest corners of the nation’s capital and in dangerously close contact with an international crime circuit, a brutal local rivalry and a very personal quest for retribution. With the murder victim tied to Drake’s past, his new future is about to come under threat.

My Review

I didn’t realise that this was the second book in a series when I picked it up so I am not sure what or how much i’ve missed or its effects on this book, but; I’m sure as hell going to find out! Book one, The Divinities has now firmly cemented itself to the top of my tbr pile!

As the police are called to a gruesome discovery of a severed head found on the London Underground, Crane and Drake are hired by her childhood acquaintance and author, Marco Foulkes, to investigate the disappearance of a foreign university student Howeida Almanara.

As their investigation begins it is not long before it becomes apparent that both cases are connected, and not just connected but personal to former Detective Inspector Cal Crane and a case he was working undercover on four years ago. The decapitated head was wrapped in newspaper, a very specific page from the newspaper, the headline of the article reading – “Finger of Suspicion Pointed at Rising Star Met Police. Links to Organised Crime.” The rising star? None other than DI Crane!

The investigation of the unidentified head is being led by Crane’s former police partner, newly promoted DI Kelly Marsh. Unofficially they share case details helping both Crane in his new career as a private investigator and Marsh’s official investigation.

As the pressure grows to crack the case more details emerge, details and evidence that points the finger of blame straight at Crane.

Can PI’s Drake and Crane, with the help of Marsh, clear his name and lead them to the real criminals in time?

Set in London this book brings the city to life across the pages, from the high end of some of the expensive boroughs to the darker side of the city and its forgotten individuals who make their beds in doorways. It takes you on a journey into some of the seedier sides of the city as well as the gang culture who always seem three steps ahead of the police, touching on all to real problems such as human trafficking, corruption, organised crime and exploitation that go on not just in the fictional London but the real city as well.

The book is filled with multicultural fictional characters, some good, some pure evil wrapped in flesh and bone, all blended with a storyline that could just as easily feature in the True Crime genre with a compulsive, high tension plot and an ending that will drive you insane! I just hope the next book isn’t going to be too much of a wait because it has certainly left me needing more and I can guarantee that you will feel the same once you have turned that last page!

This is a real slice of life wrapped in fiction.

The Heights will be published on 03 September 2020 and is available for pre-order now.

A massive Thank You to the author Parker Bilal, publishers Black Thorn and #RandomThingsTours for my copy of this book and inclusion of the blog tour.

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