Blurred Lines by Hannah Begbie

 She spoke out. I stayed silent. What would you do? 

 When Becky accidentally sees her boss with a woman who isn’t his wife, she’s horrified but keeps her counsel – she owes Matthew so much for all he’s done for her career. But when the same woman accuses him of rape and asks for the witness to come forward, Becky doesn’t know what to do.

Was what she saw rape? Or is this a young actress looking to get ahead? And can Becky separate her own traumatic past from the present?

As Becky attempts to untangle these blurred lines, she must risk everything to find the truth… 

My Review

Hannah Beggbie has brought to life some of the real life perils some women still face in a man’s world, not only within the workplace but also the courage and bravery of the women’s #MeToo call to arms!

After walking into her bosses’ house, with a hefty priced bottle of wine, as a thank-you gift, she finds a lot more than she bargained for! She catches her boss Matthew in the throw’s of passion with a woman (not his wife!) on his kitchen floor. For a second she is like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to move, and then the woman looked in her direction sending her fleeing the house in a hurry.

Was she seen? Should she say something to her boss? Her bosses’ wife? But she owes so much to Matthew who has helped her in her budding work to become a film director, who is championing her film, Medea, which is set to be an award worthy film, and with some of the big names in the industry coming on board to take her film from script to the big screen, this is the break Becky has been working for, and she owes a lot of that to Matthew.

Deciding to just forget about what she witnessed, life continues as normal. That is until the woman on Matthews kitchen floor, a well known actress Amber Heath, is now saying that she was raped.

As Becky is now searching her memory, going back to that night, what did she actually see? At the time she had no reason to doubt that it was anything more than consensual, only now there are seeds of doubt clouded her judgement. And then there is a break in the case; Amber has remembered seeing a woman briefly that night and asked that woman to come forward.

Does she step up and tell everyone that it was her? What difference would it make to Amber’s case because she doesn’t know the truth of what actually happened that night. She had seen nothing in those few minutes to make her think anything had been wrong, other than it was not his wife.

Things soon start to unravel, not only for Matthew but for Amber, Becky, her daughter Maisie and Adam, Maisie’s father as they all get dragged into Ambers accusations.

The book also switches time frames, taking you back to Becky’s youth and the trauma that ruined her teenage years and still has a powerful hold of her years later.

For such a sensitive subject, this story is written with feeling and compassion as well as strength and all completely believable and is bringing a taboo that happens in the real world to the front and centre of every readers mind.

It will be one book that will give everyone pause for thought and stay with you for a very long time.

I hope that this book will give other women the strength and courage to step forward and have their voices heard and maybe even save a life #MeToo

Blurred Lines will be published on 20 August 2020 and is available for preorder now.

The most timely and gripping psychological thriller of 2020 – Amazon

‘Blisteringly relevant, with an emotional pull that had me in hot, angry tears’ Clare Mackintosh, bestselling author of Let Me Lie 

A massive Thank You to the author Hannah Begbie, publishers Harper Fiction, Harper Fiction UK, Random Things Tours and Anne Cater for my copy of the book in exchange for an honest and independent review.  


  1. I’ve almost finished this now and have found it quite powerful and moving so far. Your review is great and I think you’ve really captured the true essence of the book in your words!


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